Install/Update Opera 9.64 in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex/Jaunty Jackalope

In this tutorial I will show you how to install or update to Opera 9.64 in Ubuntu. This guide is for a beginner to the operating system and will work for any version of Ubuntu, including other Debian based linux distributions.

If you are upgrading, first check for an update under help in the browser or you can directly go to the website and download the latest version.

opera update

save the file to the desktop and close the browser.
opera update

double click the .deb file and click install package even if you are upgrading.
opera update

close the installation process and restart your browser
opera update


6 Responses to “Install/Update Opera 9.64 in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex/Jaunty Jackalope”

  1. aussiebear Says:

    Don’t do it this way. Use the repository approach! This will make future updating much easier, as it will be handled by Ubuntu’s Update Manager!

    (1) In your /etc/apt/sources.list, add this line:
    => deb stable non-free

    (2) Then the GPG key:
    => wget -O – | sudo apt-key add –

    (3) Refresh your package manager database:
    => sudo apt-get update

    (4) Install Opera:
    => sudo apt-get install opera
    (It should also appear in Synaptic Package Manager.)

    • Thanks for the comment – there is a slight typo in it though. On the GPG line, the long dash after the O should be just a regular dash. Also, people should make sure to get the ending dash. In other words, the line to get the GPG key is this:
      wget -O – | sudo apt-key add –

  2. Thanks aussie and Jared.

  3. Thanks to all!
    But I think, there still remained one typo…
    The second dash is represented by a wrong character (8211).
    This way it creates a file called ‘–’
    The correct dash would be ‘-‘ (45)

    In order to be able to just copy-paste the line has to be written the following way:

    wget -O – | sudo apt-key add –

  4. Sorry… but your Server-Program is crap. It just changes the dash sign with another one….. BAD PROGRAM! 😉

    Feel free to remove those postings again, as they do not serve the reader.

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