BackTrack 4 MultiBoot on my Lenovo S10 with Unetbootin frugal install

Last time I installed BT3 on mt Lenovo X60 here. This time I tried a different method without using the external CD player.

I already have Ubuntu installed so I downloaded Unetbootin and the BackTrack 4 Beta ISO.

I fired up Gparted and made a 6GB partition for BT4 and formatted it with reiserfs to avoid the ext3 checks.

Changed the permissions of the Unetbootin file:
chmod 777 /home/user/Desktop/unetbootin-linux-372

Fired up Unetbootin, entered my password and selected the BT4 iso and changed the type to hard disk:

Pressed Ok and let it do its thang



When it restarts you have to select Unetbootin from the Grub menu and this will boot into Backtrack. My BackTrack partition I will install on is sda7 and BT4 automatically mounted it to /mnt/sda7

if not, you can mount your drive by typing:
mkdir /mnt/sda7
mount /dev/sda7 /mnt/sda7
replace sda7 with your partition

now, copy the required files from the pseudo-live cd to the hard drive:

cp -pr /{bin,dev,home,pentest,root,usr,boot,lib,etc,opt,sbin,var} /mnt/sda7/
mkdir /mnt/sda7/{mnt,proc,sys,tmp}
mount –bind /dev/ /mnt/sda7/dev/
mount -t proc proc /mnt/sda7/proc/

The installation is done, now you can reboot back into Ubuntu and load Unetbootin again. It will ask you to remove the changes it made earlier and select yes. Close unetbootin and open menu.lst for editing the grub menu:

sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Add this to the end of the file and close:

title BackTrack 4 KDE
rootnoverify (hd0,6)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz vga=0×361 root=/dev/sda7 ro quiet splash autoexec=xconf;kdm

title BackTrack 4 shell
root (hd0,6)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz ro root=/dev/sda7 vga=0×361

My next post will be about getting the Broadcom wireless on the Lenovo S10 to work in BT4.


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