How to add new users to BackTrack 3

After installing BackTrack, it is important that you change the default password for security reasons. Also, you might want to add a user to the system so you can avoid using the root login as you don’t want to screw things up accidentally.

To add a new user, open up a Konsole and type:


This will guide you through the process of adding a new user.


keep hitting enter for all default values and select a good password:


your user is created but KDE still won’t let you log on because /tmp does not have the correct permissions. you will get an error saying “call to Inusertemp failed (temporary Directories Full?)”

To set the correct permissions type:
cd .. to go up one directory

chmod 1777 /tmp to set the correct permissions on the tmp dir. * see UPDATE *

now you can logoff root and login with your new user.

check here to install packages using slapt-get.

* UPDATE * – I found out on reboot these permissions get reset. To make permanent changes see here.


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