How to Install OpenOffice 3.0.1 in BackTrack 3

goto and download the version for linux.

tar -xvzf OOo_3.0.1_LinuxIntel_install_wJRE_en-US.tar.gz

cd into directory with all the rpm files:
cd OOO300_m15_native_packed-1_en-US.9379/RPMS

convert all rpms to tgz:
rpm2tgz *.rpm
This step will take a while.

Install all tgz using installpkg tool:
installpkg *.tgz

openoffice will be installed under /opt

Now we have to place it in the K menu.
Right click on the K and click Menu Editor.
goto File -> New Submenu -> type OpenOffice
Right click on OpenOffice Menu and select new item.
Add a name, description and in the “Command” field, add ‘/opt/openoffice.org3/program/soffice’
In “Work Path” add /opt/openoffice.org3/program
save and close

You can repeat the steps to add Writer, Calc, Math, Draw, Impress and Base


4 Responses to “How to Install OpenOffice 3.0.1 in BackTrack 3”

  1. Thx for information, it’ usefull

  2. Great info!!! it really works

  3. Great info!!! it works with back track 3

  4. very2 easy to use n great!! Thx bro!!

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