T-mobile G1 internet with 9.99 Tzones hack, 5.99 no more :(

Hooray! It works!
T-mobile doesn’t have the 5.99 tzones plan anymore. They upped it to a 9.99 plan. Don’t get rid of your 5.99 plan if you still have it!!! But the tzones hack still works. To get it working on your G1, check my post about getting the MMS to work without having a data plan here.
Then go into your test settings and change the data method to WCDMA preferred or unknown. If you get connectivity errors, you can goto settings and select ‘use only 2G’. This also saves aloooot of battery.

If you want to tether your laptop to use the internet from the G1 check my post here.


41 Responses to “T-mobile G1 internet with 9.99 Tzones hack, 5.99 no more :(”

  1. […] Restart your phone. Now your MMS should work. If you have the 5.99 t-zones, I think your internet will work too. (UPDATE- it does work. check here […]

  2. […] Prerequisites: A wireless card to scan for networks on your laptop/computer Any internet browser Either a G1 data plan or the tzones hack – check my previous post to get the tzones hack working […]

    • Hello please help me to make my g1 work with the sidekick prepaid plan for a dollar a day plan I can not get it to work some guy wants me to pay 15 dollars to show me how to do it I put the hiptop.tmobile.com that does not make it work please email me please thank you

  3. theg1superusers Says:

    Hey I tried this but setting the network to wcdma get reset everytime I check the 2g only box. Whatever I do I cannot access the internet.

  4. change the setting to unknown, instead of WCDMA. hopefully, it should work.

  5. BossColo Says:

    I’m hoping you can help me, because by god, I’ve tried everything. I have the 5.99 plan, and I’ve followed yours and every other instruction online to a T, but I still can’t get data access. All I get is “Internal error Access is not allowed for this user agent in (whatever website I’m trying to access)” Please help.

  6. HydTech Says:

    that happens sometimes, but very seldom. when you go into the testing, does it show its connected?

  7. BossColo Says:

    I have GPRS service: Connected.

    Also, when I run the ping test i get
    Ping IpAddr: Fail: IP addr not reachable
    Ping Hostname(www.google.com): Fail: Host unreachable
    HTTP Client test: Fail: Code: org.apache.httpmessage.BasicHttpResponse@43054dc0

    Under GSM disconnects:
    State:active ……..
    T-Mobile US,
    wap.voicestream.com,, http://mms.msg…../wapenc,, 8080, 8080, *

    I don’t know if any of this is useful, it just looks important.

    Also, now when I use the browser, I get


  8. BossColo Says:

    Another point of interest. I am switching over from the T-mo Shadow. The proxy hack works fine in there, and I can even switch back to it, and the proxy hack still works.

  9. HydTech Says:

    HTTP Client test should pass. and after state active, mine says connected at 2:43 PM and elapsed 9:46:04. and right now my preferred network is set to GSM only. use only 2G is selected. data roaming is also selected.

  10. I am having the same problem I get the error:


    and sometimes I get another error: something saying that client in not allowed access or something like that.

    Please help I am doing everything you say and still not getting it to work!

    • HydTech Says:

      dont know why some people are having this problem? for most people it works without a problem. can you ask t-mobile data department to remove the feature and put it back on? this helps for misconfigured problems.

  11. BossColo Says:

    I’m not sure that they can do that anymore. I’ve heard that if you offer the code TZUNL599, you can still get the 5.99 plan. I’ll try it tonight with a friend who manages a tmobile retail store. I’ll let you know.

  12. HydTech Says:

    let me know about the TZUNL599 code. I would gladly switch

  13. Hi! I have an iphone 3g unlocked and jailbroken with 2.2 firmware. I just got the phone and so I just added the tzones 9.99 plan. I have tried a ton of apn addresses, looked on cydia for the hack, and read a ton of forums trying to gigure out how to make tzones work as my internet? Right now I am using epc.tmobile.com…all the others I tried wouldn’t even let me look at tzones homepage. PLEASE HELP ME!!!! : )

  14. Hey this may sound stupid but i have no idea where the test settings are, anybody want to help me with that? it would be much appreciated!

  15. hey i was wondering if you could help me i got a G1 with tzone for 5.99 and it says its connected but when ever i try to use the browser it take me to the subscription upgrade required can u help me please

  16. For Test Settings, bring up the dialer and press *#*#INFO#*#*.

    I’m having the same problem as sid with the “when ever i try to use the browser it take me to the subscription upgrade required can u help me please” issue.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • HydTech Says:

      same here, i think tmobile fixed the loop hole. Now the problem is that even when I use my motorola, it still doesn’t work.

  17. TGodbolt Says:

    I was about to buy a G1. Can anyone confirm that t-zones does work. if it does work for you, what features can you use and whats not usable with t-zones. Has anyone tried the epc.tmobile.com APN that works with windows mobile, iphone, and symbian?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my questions.

  18. How do I get this working on my iPhone?


  19. guys use T-mobile US
    NEW APN got it from T-mobo cust service:
    proxy, port, username, password, server = all
    it will come up no problem! ENJOY!

  20. chocnic Says:

    no matter what i do nothing works please help..i can’t send mms.

  21. Okay so what do i have to do to make mms work on the g1? I have read several forums and blogs and they say one works and then all of a sudden it doesn anymore. So which one is the one that is workin as of today? I’m fixin to be gettin one and i want to make sure i can receive picture messages without gettin the data plan.

  22. hydronos Says:

    Unlimited web for 10 bucks is no longer working on g1…I switched to a different phone and everything works…am i the only one experiencing this or did someone find any new apn settings?

    • Jenny T. Says:

      please i need help… i have the 9.99 plan thing for tmobile and had the settings under internet2.voicestream.com and it worked fine, until a month later.(now) Internet didnt work and i changed all of the settings again and again, still no hope. I believe that the settings are changed or something. Please help me ASAP cuz i would really appreciate it! Thanks! Also i had a problem with my mms not working even when i had the data plan… 😦

  23. Ok guys this what i found out and i believe it is true. They changed the settings again after they found out that people are using it for g1 or something so it will never work now on the g1. so i canceled the plan. People if yours does work but not mms, dont keep changin the settings cuz thats what caused mine to not work anymore

  24. hey i did everything u said 2 do nd i still cant download the pic message, plz feel free 2 email me to help me out…erinehold92@gmail.com

  25. This is not working anymore with the G1. However the TZOnes are still available, if you know how to ask for it.

  26. touch_phone_lover Says:

    omg im so glad this works my aunt is giving me hers and i was worried it wasnt going too work without the data plan but i also wanted too know can i get android apps with it too?

  27. My g1 that i just bought was working with the 10 dollar shadow plan now it just pops up saying subscription upgrade required this morning i guess Tmobie shut it down but umm Im gonna get my phone unlocked so they cant tell what phone im currently using.

    PS I know its not the plan because I put it in 2 different phones and it worked like magic(Samsung Memoir and Treo 750)

  28. i need the “Access Point Names” for my t-mobile G1, i restore its default settings. now i cant connect to google to set up my account. i cant use the my phone because it has no network connection or my sim card does not have provisioned for data services.. what should i do? please help me, reply to my email..

  29. i have the 9.99 internet for t mobile does it still work for g1? if i unlock the phone will that help me to use the internet? i currently have the highlight ice

  30. Hi, Im not a very technical person.

    My question is, my husband has a g1, he is in Afghanistan right now, the fob he just moved to, hes not able to buy net service for his personal comp. they have a community comp-no cam. :{
    Im trying to see if he can use his g1 to connect. Would it even work in the Helmand area. Hope you can help. Thanks for looking

  31. i have the 9.99 tweb and after those settings it said, you can access your favorite sites while connected via wifi. Enter a serch term in the box above or enter a URL diractly into your browser’s address directly. To access tmo web2go and dl, you me tempory disable your wifi connection. and like my wifi is not on. like this is what i get when i go on. -as of aug 23 2010 1:16 am PST –

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