How to get MMS picture messaging working on a T-mobile G1 without the data plan

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  1. […] -For some reason if you are not using T-mobile US, change the settings for the appropriate one. -If phone info shows you are not connected, hit menu and click on more and click enable data. -now data should be connected. …Continue […]

    • edgar_monarrez Says:

      i changed the settings and tried the any cut app
      and i still cant send mms

      pls help

    • Hey i think these settings have been blocked has anyone figured out a way to get mms with out a data plan. or maybe even through wifi?

    • i just rang t-mobile about this and got the answer….
      start a normal text
      click the menu button
      click add subject
      after that, it converts automatically to a mms
      problem sorted

      • Not only is that unlikely to even work, that doesn’t solve the problem of incoming MMS.

      • for that u need ur settings from the network provider 🙂
        hope that helps

      • LOL, That definitely does not help. If it did help, this entire threat would be completely redundant. Hey guys, here’s how to fix MMS… get the settings from your network provider!


        PS – Right.

  2. masterjedidan Says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. I was having problems with MMS messages as well, as I also have a G1 with T-Mobile but without a data plan. The APN settings worked perfectly for me :).

    • umm you used all the settings that you got from this website and it works fine?

    • can u help me with my g1, i dont get pics on mms

      • I went to and it says to send 2 picture messages to yourself & it will activate your picture messaging, I did as it said and my picture messages have been coming through just fine.

      • How did you send 2 picture messages to yourself? I’ve tried doing this and it doesn’t work. What are your settings? What phone?

    • i have the t mobile g1. i dont have t zones. nor the internet plan. i just have the normal service with unlimited text messaging and such but why have unlimited when i cant recieve or send mms??? so stupid. can someone help?

      • Yeah.

        Don’t be a jew and splurge a little extra!
        What’s the point of having a smart phone if you can’t even use what it’s made for!

      • Adam,

        You are a douche nozzle for even being on this thread if you think it’s Jewish to not have a data plan… like really, why the hell are you here? I have a G1 because I like the apps, which I download when I’m at a location with wireless access, which is virtually EVERYWHERE. Maybe you are a dipshit for HAVING a data plan?


        You are right. It’s very stupid. The unlimited text package specifically says that it includes pictures, MMS, etc. Yet when I call TMobile, they tell me that the G1 requires a data plan for pictures and MMS, so it’s kinda false advertising and yet they won’t do shit about it. Definitely lamesville. You are SOL for now like the rest of us.

  3. hey, do you have the apn settings for the AT&T?

  4. masterjedidan Says:

    @ Juhayman

    You can find them here –

  5. […] To get it working on your G1, check my post about getting the MMS to work without having a data planhere. Then go into your test settings and change the data method to WCDMA preferred or unknown. If you […]

  6. […] it asks you to sign in.  click on apn settings and change the Tmobile US settings by following my older post.   Now you should have internet access through WCDMA and you should be able to sign in. Posted […]

  7. theg1superusers Says:

    Hey I tried to use these settings with my tzone account, but whenver I try to switch to 2g only, the setting for WCDMA network gets changed back to the default GSM.

  8. @theg1superusers- try changing the setting to unknown. are you sure you added the tzones plan?

  9. I want a G1 as well but i don’t want the data plan. So let me get this straight, i can get the data plan and cancel it when i activate the phone and all functions would still work such at wi-fi, text messaging etc. correct?

  10. Hi, I just got a G1 and I canceled the data plan, but 90% of the time i make a call the screens saids “USSD code Running” and then it saids “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” and it prompts me to click ok. This didn’t happen before i canceled the data plan… any ideas would be appreciated.

    • the USSD code would be if you typed in like #646# to check the minutes. when you place a regular call, its not a USSD code.

  11. I was trying to call my voicemail, and your right regular calls worked just fine, thanks! If i call my voicemail using the 800 number it doesn’t encounter that error message so ill just do that. By any chance do you know how to use a different message tone other then the lame choices they gave us? I have a short mp3 file (3 seconds long) that i want to use as my notification (text) ringtone, I used to have a t mobile dash and it was just a matter of putting the file in the right folder with that phone… not so easy with the G1, sorry for deviating from the thread

  12. HydTech Says:

    steve, once you’ve downloaded the mp3 to your phone, you would hold your finger on the file and click on “use as ringtone”. alternatively, you can download the rings extended app from the market.

  13. That’s how you set Phone ringtones, but I’m trying to use a differant Notification Ringtone, you know the tone you get when you get a text and other stuff. Any idea on how to use your own instead of the 14 generic choices they give you?

    • KrazyKayy Says:


      Theirs a app that you can download from the market called “Ringdriod”
      its should help,you have all your music and you can click on it and make it as long as you want the music to be and you click the save button/icon when your done and it should pop up a little box and in the box should say the song in one little box and a box that says ringtone pull down that little box and it should pop up music,alarm,notification,and ringtone. pick notification if you want that song for your message and then pick “yes please make default” and after that go to your message where it shows all threads and pick setting go all the way to select ringtone and you should find your song that you want and click that and after that put ok and then your done!

  14. HydTech Says:

    you need the rings extended app for that. i don’t know if you can do it manually. haven’t looked into that.

  15. theg1superusers Says:

    Hey it does work when I set it for unknown but somehow the settings wont stick. it will still go back to gsm. Do you know anyway to keep the unknown setting permannet?

  16. Ur a life saver, and a genius!!!!! Thanx alot…anymore hacks ill be sure to check with you!!!

  17. Settings work great with 2g (GSM only). I haven’t had any luck with 3g (WCMDA).
    Have you figured out a way to make google maps work with the WAP connection?

  18. Mahmud brifkani Says:

    hey guys can anyone please help me i just got the 9.99 t zones and i followed all the steps but when i change the network type to wcdma preffered and try to put the 2g on it resets to gsm can any please help id really apprecetiiate it

  19. Hey i’ve tried these settings and nothing is working. what am i doing wrong. Ive put it on 2g and roaming and its connected according to the testing so please help

  20. I used the settings above and mms still won’t work and its connected what do I do I’ve tried everying please help

  21. Thanks for this…My picture messaging was working after I did this now all of a sudden it stopped…I tried to reneter the information in and did all the trouble shooting…
    I dont know what went wrong? Do you have any suggestions? Anyone else having these problems?


    • try to clear all the settings or reformat.

      • I reformatted (which was a hassle because i didnt have the data plan) but it still isnt working…..

        I have been reading more into the issue, and Im wondering if my version of the phone (i have the white one) has some kind of software locks in place. I have heard of others suddenly stop working but not all….I dont know which version of the phone they have but that is all i can think…..

        Any suggestions?

        Thanks alot for taking the time to reply, i really appreciate it.

  22. hey guys, i tried all the settings and changed them all. but how do i get tmobile to add the tzones on my G1??? what do i sayyy???

    • tell them you want the 9.99 internet and don’t tell them you have a g1. say you have something like a motorola RAZR.

  23. I just recently bought a G1 to use with my flexpay T-Mobile account. Just a phone plan with 400 texts thrown on it. No T-Zones plan or anything like that. Picture messaging isn’t working, as has been said. Are you saying is all I have to do is plug in the info above and follow the steps and it should then allow me to send mms? No t-zones plan required? orry for the noob questions, but it’s all new to me. Thanks in advance.

  24. Another quick noob question before I give it a go, and thanks for the quick response. With me havng flexpay and therefore can only use what I already paid for, whenever I move too far away from a WiFi hotspot, lose my WiFi, and the icon converts to 3G, am I actually getting 3G since I haven’t paid for it? And if I am, will I be somehow charged later? Again, thanks in advance.

  25. hey i tried all the settings and everything with downloading the any cut and messing with the settings and everything and restarting my phone afterwards like a 100 times but it doesn’t seem to worked when i put the APN thing in before but now it doesn’t work all of a sudden..please help…and if i do a reset and start the phone again without the data plan im gona have to log in wont I? and if i do it’s not going to let me because i canceled the data plan…please helppp!

    • u must be doing something wrong. you can reset the phone and follow the directions in one of my posts to sign in without a data plan.

  26. where is that? and are you sure that will work cuz i dont wna get stuck and not be able to sign in after i do a reset..?

  27. it won’t let me lol…it says your are not allowed to edit this post.

  28. Dipen412, if you go about reseting the phone and trying again, can you post wether it works or not because the settings aren’t working for me either. I can get the text of the message, but I can’t download the image. I just bought my phone off a friend,so it was already activated and didn’t have to go through the data plan hassle. I have a text package so it’s weird that it doesn’t work.

  29. dipen412 Says:

    yea samething happens to me…i click download when i get the picture text but it says unable to download or w/e and it won’t let me send pictures either..and yea i kind of dont get the whole reset thing that hydtech posted..but i’ll try it as best as i can and tell you.

    • if you dont understand the activation without a data plan, just order the data plan for 1 day and cancel it after you get activated again. It’ll cost you less than a dollar.

  30. If I have to go a similar route and reset then order the data plan for a day, can you do that on a flex pay account?

  31. Hi. I have tried your suggestion above, I am still not able to get the mms. I did the factory restore but still I am having issues. Please help.

    Thank you.

    • all i can say is that it works for everyone else, except for very few people. keep trying. make sure you can receive mms on another phone.

  32. it might be FlexPayers who can’t access mms without the data plan, I know that we don’t get call forwarding either so we cant get the Visual Voice mail programs out there on the market I’m also on Flexpay and tried all the settings and still wont work it fails every time I try to download an mms.

  33. Hi Guys,

    Sorry to keep bothering. I am not on FlexPay. I have had my G1 since March. It use to work with APN changes until 2 weeks ago. After it stooped working, I did a factory restore to clear my phone and change the APN again – still does not work. Please Help.

    Thank you.

    • mine started doing some weird things today. It said my data plan is not compatible with the g1, so i called in and added the 24.99 plan. I’ll cancel it and re-add the 9.99 and see if it works monday.

  34. So it’s the flexpay that’s not letting me send & receive mms. That’s a shame, especially since I was able to using the same sim card on the Wing. Since mms is no longer an option, any word when bluetoothing images will be added?

  35. Boka Choda Says:

    hey! sorry to bouther u guyz. i was using the settings above and it was working fine with mms. but suddenly it is not working now. i guess something is worng. plz let us know who’s is working and what is the new settings if there is any. thanx

  36. I checked through phone info that my data was connected to T-Mobile US using the settings above, but the MMS still does not work. The download button appears in a message and then when u click it, it says message was downloaded unsuccessfully. You cannot even forward it to an e-mail or any other number. Sending a picture message to myself works and I’m able to forward it to e-mail or another number, but when others send it it to me, it does not.

  37. i deleted all APNs when i got the phone. How do i change the setting to Tmobile US?
    i also dl anycut and followed the troubleshooting instructions but do not see any type of connection in phone information.
    please help D:

  38. HydTech, yeah I was getting mms fine with my wing, and I’ve only ever had a FlexPay account with T-Mobile. Unfortunately, I Don’t know the MMS or APN settings for it, but I do still have my Wing so if you can tell me how to reach that info, I’ll no doubt look it up and let you know what it says.

  39. When I first got my G1, i put a friend’s sim in (She has a regular phone plan, but it’s not FlexPay) and sent her a picture message from my Wing with my FlexPay account and it showed up fine, no issues. When we tried to do the reverse, her sending it to me with my SIM in the g1, that’s when I run into the issues I’ve been having. I can’t download the actual image. All I get is the text. Do you know how I get those setting from my Wing?

  40. Yessenia Says:

    I tried changing the T-mobile US settings and my mms messaging is still not working please

  41. not working anymore dont know what happened

  42. this fu**ed me up i cant even send anythin

  43. I checked the settings on my Wing and I noticed that it was using the APN was T-Mobile MMS. Do you think if you create that APn on our phones, will it work?

  44. maybe post it ill try it

  45. mine recently stopped working too

  46. I have read ALL of the comments and the post on here and i was just wondering if u could help me out also…i just got the g1 i had a dash before that and my plan was a 5fav but with unlimted MMS/SMS. Now my problem is that i dont have internet plan i just used wifi when i need it at home,school, or work when i need it. at first i try getting messages it would say download unsucessful…then i tried ur APN method when i get to Phone info part it says my

    current network: T-Mobile
    i know u said T-mobile US in the steps but i dont know how to change that so i think that might be a big problem for me. Or is it because i dont have internet plan? Or where i live is a problem?
    Also little things i look at that i think are involved with the troubleshooting…

    GPRS service:Disconnected
    Newtork type: EDGE
    GSM disconnects: State: inactive fail because unknown data error
    But a couple of times i did this it was saying GPRS Connecting and setting up and connecting to the T-Mobile US,,-8080,* i think it might be the * at the wnd could be something and it only does this sometimes when i put it to only 2g networks

    So can you help or give any tips?

  47. I second the notion that this doesn’t work anymore. I can receive MMS messages but I can’t actually download them. I have triple verified all the settings and have restarted a few times, but still can’t download messages.

    According to testing:

    Current network: T-Mobile
    GSM Service: In service
    GPRS service: Disconnected
    GSM Disconnects: =====Data==== State, Inactive. disconnected with last try at blah blah, fail because no error

  48. albanianguy27 Says:

    so quick question does this work anymore? bc i filled it all out and sht but its not working for me?

  49. albanianguy27 Says:

    so does this still work? ive had the tzones hack for a number a years now ive used it for my iphone for a while. i just got a g1 can i still do this hack?

  50. albanianguy27 Says:

    does this still work?

  51. LoganBrown11 Says:

    Hey the MMS setting don’t work anymore thanx Funkin T-mobile!

  52. albanianguy27 Says:

    ya i had it workin on my blackberry and my iphone. i jus used as the apn



    What the hell do they care, they dont already rape us enough with our 100 monthly bill I say we start a revolution!

  54. I just thought I’d share that I’m still pissed about this. 🙂

    PS – I tried what was suggested earlier: Using … no good.

  55. found on the tmobile forums that tmobile disabled mms for nondata plan users. its a ploy to get into more peoples pockets, to have them purchase a data plan for mms even if you already pay for text messages.

  56. samantha h. Says:

    After changing all that my mms still not working… my connection says t-mobile how would I get it to t-mobile US. I still can’t reseve or send any mms. Can someone help me out. This is really bugging me.

  57. work like a charm .. and now i can use my 9.99 internet plan

  58. paiveen Says:

    mine isnt worken idk wats wrong with it can any one help me plz plz plz plz plz

  59. yeah i have a g1, 5.99 tzones, i can only use wifi for internet and marketplace stuff like that , i have tried all the hacks but have been un able to get the mms to work for me

    • HydTech Says:

      u can use wifi, but i doubt your tzones hack still works. I recently tried the Tzones hack in an iphone and it worked but as soon as I put my sim back into the G1, it gives me a subscription upgrade required error.

  60. by the way all works for the iphone,pretty much same setup and all,
    , I have tried also the send yourself a pic from mytmobile site-didnt work, just thought id mention it too, found it on a forum, and also was the instruction on the t mob web site saying one pic sets it up send a second to verify and your good, but it’s a crap shoot—-anything ever come of the person who took in there G TO A LOCAL DEALER AND GOT A NEW SIM?, the dealer told him there were some funky sims distributed and gave him a new one and it worked- any one verify this?

  61. For all you guys getting the “upgrade your…etc.” on the tzones hack. Go to the apn and change from to this should do the trick.


    • HydTech Says:

      i’ve tried that before. it didn’t work for me. are you sure it works for you or you’re just guessing?

  62. how can i use my t mobile phone with other sim plans… still locked.
    im in asia..

  63. Im sure, It works. Oh but i forgot to say. i use the steel browser and have it set as “desktop” instead of “android” or “iphone” under the menu. The market works fine. the android browser will let you google. but anything else it says access denied, something about a converse. Yahoo web browser works good too.

  64. this is f*ckin gayy…no one has any idea of how to make it work.

  65. ill post a video later with its full functionality.

  66. It wont let me get mms.
    It says downloading but nothing ever is downloaded.
    Pleaaassseee hellp!!!

  67. Daniel O. Says:

    Heres the video. Everything works except MMS.

  68. Daniel O. Says:

    Heres the video. Everything works except MMS.

  69. Anderson Says:

    hHow do I start-up my G1 phone with my prepaid sidekick plan sim card? I did it once before and it was working for months until I updated my phone. How do I fix this? I need to know ASAP! what are the APN setting for free Data service?

  70. Anderson Says:

    How do I start-up my G1 phone with my prepaid sidekick plan sim card? I did it once before and it was working for months until I updated my phone. How do I fix this? I need to know ASAP! what are the APN setting for free Data service?

  71. Daniel O. Says:

    Quick FYI. Internet pages load faster if you set steel browser to “iphone” instead of “iphone” And just tried mms, still not working with

  72. I bought g1 and had T-mobile sim card. What can I do to make my sim card work on G1?

  73. Thanx for the vid Daniel. When I changed the settings everything did work (Steel Browser, Market Place, Gmail…) But it only worked for a couple of mins and then it started giving me the same msg to upgrade the data plan. What do you think is the problem? I have the $5.99 T-Zones. You think there’s a difference between the $5.99 and $9.99 plan?

  74. Daniel O. Says:

    Hmmm. I know that t-zones was used on And once they shut the g1 off of i switched to and got back up and running. Maybe there is a difference. Just yesterday (6/26/09) i set up a friends g1 to run the 9.99 plan and it worked just fine. Give it a shot.

  75. well eberything works but I can’t download mms.

  76. none of it is working for my G1…

  77. Anyone get mms working yet?

  78. Alright so here’s the deal. Tmobile found out a bazillion people were using this hack. So all they had to do was shut this server down and there would be no more. And they did. They fixed all our hacks… All of them. Well. Good thing I have a backup phone to receive mms ^-^. Good luck. N I hope new hacks come soon…

  79. ok i switch my notification ringtone just fine but i wanna change it to something different but it is not changing can someone help

  80. C3RTAFiED Says:

    This actually worked perfect for me. I changed the settings the exact way you said to, went back to 2 mms i recieved, pressed download and it worked. I told 2 of my friends to send another one, and it appeared without the ‘download’ button. thanx

  81. i dont have the data plan for the G1 .. nd my MMS stopped workin after a while .. i looked at yur tutorial nd changed the settings but it still didnt work and wen i added the any cut from the marketplace nd went to testing i clicked enable data connection nd after a quick second it gets disconnected .. am i doing something wrong?

  82. TMOBILE SURELY KNOWS HOW TO PISS PEEPL OFF! WAT DA HELL THIS IS SUM BULLSHYT .. watts da point of buyin an expensive as hell fone if yu kant work it properly wit da original plan that yu have …

  83. Hi, i got my t-mobile g1 phone without the tmobile sim from a cousin.How can i get it up and running since there’s no service even if the tmobile sim is available?Thanks!

  84. You are so stupid this does not workk!!!!!!!

  85. Guys,any ideas on how i can get my phone up nd runnin without d T-mobile sim.There’s no service where i reside.

  86. T-mobile network is not available in my area and so is at& t.The SIM i tried with the phone gave a message “my sim card may not b provisioned for data services”. What should i do?thanks for your earlier response!

  87. T-mobile network is not available in my area and so is at& t.The SIM i tried with the phone gave a message “my sim card may not b provisioned for data services after loggin on to google”. What should i do?thanks for your earlier response!

  88. I reside in Nigeria and the service providers available here are either locals or from South Africa.How can i get the phone running?Thanks again!

  89. So if i want to do all this i have to buy the plan first?

  90. I did what you said and its still saying it was unsucessful downloading it.

  91. i have tried a 3.5g SIM with the phone and it still gave the message “my sim card may not b provisioned for data services after loggin on to google”.What do you think might be wrong or could it be that it’s locked or what?Thanks for your earlier posts!!!!

  92. Is there any news on the MMS situation? I have been missing out on a lot of things because T-Mobile wants to try and squeeze out every penny.

    Please let me know if there are any work arounds or thoughts!

    • I too am curious about the situation on the MMS. I love how this topic turned into a “how to get a G-1 working on an African SIM card” thread. I imagine there is a much better place to vent those questions. Meanwhile, us T-Mobile customers paying for unlimited texts are getting hosed. I get a picture message every other day that I can’t download… talk about lame.

      Let’s get this topic back on point… Has anyone heard / figured out anything about MMS without a data plan?

  93. sorry guys, I haven’t been keeping up with this topic. Honestly, I don’t ever receive MMS. And If its that important, you can add on the $25 package once every few days, download all your mms the same day and take it off.

  94. yo wad up brother?! i tried this on the new phone G2 aka my touch but it doesnt work i guess! you think you could help me out! tHankS

  95. well the part where u see the mms port the next one of mine says mcc not mmc like it is on the site. and mines is not working at al

  96. Can someone help me?!!

    All my settings worked perfectly without a data plan

    But after I got the cupcake update my MMS messages won’t work.

  97. I had to fix my new blackberry the other day cause i couldnt send or recieve mms . tech support had me go through a bunch of steps to get me off edge and onto EDGE. that’s right from lower case edge to upper case EDGE. it worked and now the blackberry can send and recieve mms without data package. i asked them to do the same for one of my G1’s that does not have the data package. they chuckled and said they can’t do it. sorry you have to buy the data package to use mms on G1. i am still waiting for someone to crack this.

  98. hi,
    any update on my previous post?

  99. anyone find a new way yet?

  100. I tried to get tzones on my g1 and they didnt offer it becuase I have the g1 but they will let me get tzones if I place my acct on my tmobile Dash but then will I be able to place my sim card in my g1 and have no problems in trying this out. Please let me know what you think. Thx

  101. my mms is still not working any hellp. mine said mcc not mmc

  102. do I need the tzones thing?

  103. Yo got an AT&T Tilt, but have T-Mobile so used an online unlocking service through ebay. Cost me just $4 to get the unlock code. After I unlocked it, I got on the T-mobile network. I still have the $5.99 t-zones so I used as the APN: Homescreen -> Settings -> Connections -> Add a new modem connection -> name for the connection “TZones” -> Select a Modem -> Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G) -> Access Point Name: -> no un/pw/domain – Finish. This has been working great for me except after a week, it stopped working. I removed the modem link, went to t-mobile – my phone -> and set my “Unknown phone” to a Razr. Then waited a little while again and now my AT&T Tilt and is working great. Skyfire even works well now which it didn’t with this method on my old Shadow. Still MMS doesn’t work and haven’t found a fix for that yet.

  104. So is the tzones data plan still working with the g1? With flexpay?

  105. hey im still having the problem even when i did wat u said, i did that nd now it tells me it was unable 2 even quicker then normal plz email me or post on this wat 2 do asap or email me at

  106. mariothapimp Says:

    it doesn’t work still

    • nope, i called customer support nd they said the only possible way to send nd receive pic messages is to hav a data plan

  107. trunks9807 Says:

    i kinda learned not to listen to tech support ever since they insisted that a g1 without data plan would be useless….

  108. can any1 help me on this, i cant figure this problem out

  109. Google owns this phone. That’s the problem. it’s a piece of shit technology without MMS. Why should an MMS service from tmobile not work on a phone you bought from tmobile? So you’re may likely tell people to send it again to your email. guess what the default email service (“which is required to activate the phone”) is?

  110. Does this work for anyone? I tried it and it didn’t work, but MMS works fine on my HTC Wizard and SGH-T209 with the same SIM card. One complication might be “provisioning”.

    “You must first send a picture message from your phone before your phone will be able to receive picture messages.”

    “Users must use an MMS capable device and be provisioned within the Multimedia Messaging System Center (MMSC) to send/originate MMS messages. Users become self provisioned when an MMS message is originated and sent from the user’s terminal. By sending an MMS message, T-Mobile auto-provisions users for both mobile originating and mobile terminating MMS messages.”

    “What if I have a phone that T-Mobile does not sell, can I still send and receive picture messages?
    Yes. If you have purchased a phone that is not T-Mobile branded, it is possible that the phone does not have the settings required to send picture messages over the T-Mobile network. To set up your phone for use with T-Mobile’s picture messaging service, go to Camera phone MMS settings.”

    I tried to talk to customer support chat and they just lie:

    _: I see that you are interested in using your G1 for picture messaging.
    _: I know how important it is to have your features working properly. I’ll be more than happy to assist you with that.
    _: It will be one moment while I look into the account.
    _: The G1 actually is configured for picture messaging but cannot do so without the G1 data feature.
    _: Unfortunately the G1 data feature cannot be added onto a prepaid account.

    I plan to keep bothering them.

  111. If you call it an “HTC Dream” they don’t immediately tell you that it won’t work. 🙂

    _: One you can choose something [from that is close and that might work.
    _: Or two, if you want to make sure you have the right settings for the unsupported device, call 800-937-8997 and ask to speak to the unsupported department.
    _: That is the only thing that you can do. T-Mobile cannot guarantee a non-Tmobile device will work.

    (But it *is* a T-Mobile device, silly.)

  112. MMS works fine on my Wizard, but not on my Dream. The Wizard’s settings are different. Is there a way to adapt them to the Dream?

    Name: T-Mobile MMS
    Port number: 8080
    Server address:
    Connect via: T-Mobile MMS
    Send limit: 300K
    WAP version: WAP 2.0

  113. seriously im a noob at this stuff. i have a normal tmobile plan. and i cant download or send mms, i dont have t zones either. is there any app that will help me download the pics??????? ooo and if i change the setting on the phone and stuff like that will it affect what i pay each month?????

  114. I bought a G1 t-mobile phone in USA but did not use the phone till i got back to Nigeria. I decided to use it but was told it was locked. It’s about 5 months now. What do i do?

  115. how can i receive mms on my g1..?? can ny 1 help me out..would be thankful..

  116. shimelis Says:

    how can i unlock T-mobile G1 android,powered by google for free

  117. shimelis Says:

    how can i unlock my T-mobile G1 ANDROID GOOGLE FOR FREE

  118. After not working at all for months, I have recently been receiving MMS messages on my G1 with prepaid plan and no data plan. Maybe T-Mobile changed something?

    Name: T-Mobile US
    Port: 8080
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 8080
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 260
    APN type:

    • Hmm, I can receive too, no data plan. I’m on a family messaging plan that *should* give me unlimited mms, but i can only receive from my G1. I can send via e-mail, but that’s only when I’m on Wi-Fi, and that’s a pain anyways.

  119. Shennisha Says:

    I’m trying to unlock my G1 , however I’m not being asked or promted to enter the unlock code. Why is this? Can u assisst me ASAP?

  120. i want free mms

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